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Hey Karaoke Singers and Ride-share drivers!!


My name is Kristian Suson and I’m an Uber and Lyft Driver and a licensed insurance agent for Allstate. I’ve been driving for lyft and Uber for a few months and through the help of this great community and Rommel Landon, I’m making great additional income and enjoying it as well!

As an insurance agent, my agency is located in Downtown Renton, a fast growing city and great place to live and work. I’ve been here for Four years helping many people with their insurance needs.

It’s important that you not only save money on insurance, but make sure that you are paying for a service that will fix your car and protect your passengers.

I’ve helped many drivers and passengers over the years. and have a wealth of experience.

Feel free to contact my office, If you have any questions about Ride-share Insurance or insurance in general please message me here.

You can also call my office at 425-569-0360 or email me at

Seattle Times Article!

Hello Karaokians!

Looks like we are being noticed. Seattle Times did an article on us. Please check it out below.

One example: After outfitting his car for karaoke, Seattle rideshare driver Rommel Landon says he doesn’t have to motivate himself to go to work. “I just want to do it!”

By Diana Wurn
Special to The Seattle Times Jobs

For professional driver Rommel Landon, the stress of Seattle traffic finally hit a crescendo one day last year. But it also gave him an idea to make his job better: Why not combine his love of karaoke with driving his Lyft and Uber passengers?

Landon had his white Prius detailed with musical notes and the words “Sing Karaoke.” Then he outfitted his car with all the technology he needed, just like a recording studio. He even installed a switch inside the car to make the rooftop ceiling come alive with disco lights.